Strand-TOTAL is a new brushwood blade ment for grass, brushwood stems up to 50 mm. It’s possible to cut stems over 50 mm, though it takes longer to fell. When stems got a width of 50 mm or greater Strandklingan or Strand-HM is recommended.

Strand-TOTAL is reversible and “serrated”. The bevel is faced towards the ground, which protects the edge while sawing, hence the blade is self-sharpening to some extent. Stems that tilt up to 45 ° from the direction of cutting is easily shorn, which means that you don’t have to saw from both sides.

The blade can be sharpened with a bench grinder, utilize the corner of the grinding wheel. It’s also possible to use a angle grinder, alternatively sharpen with a 5.5 mm round file.


Art. nr Diameter Width Bore Blades
TOTAL25020 250 2,25 20 3
TOTAL25025,4 250 2,25 25,4 3
TOTAL30020 300 2,25 20 3
TOTAL30025,4 300 2,25 25,4 3