“Strand Original”


The new brushcutter sawblade from Strand Verktyg, Strandklingan. It’s not like anything that came before; it’s a new generation of brushcutter sawblade. The unique geometry of the tooth allows for up to twice the speed while felling. Strandklingan is also optimized for high velocity to minimize vibrations during high speeds while cutting thick stems. With all the improvements on Strandklingan; fuel consumption is usually lowered with up to 30%.

The unique doubletooth prevents biting.

The extra tooth keeps the cut clean from splinters while decreasing the risk of the blade getting stuck in the stem.

The newly design top of the tooth functions as constrainer.

The optimal relief-angle is one that’s constant across the top of the tooth, always constraining chips to 1,8 mm while allowing for a twice as aggressive rake-angle. Strandklingan is designed for fast fluid cuts of thick stems.

Strandklingan is optimized for high velocity and heat without wobble.

The sawblade stays stable in speeds up to 12 000 rpm. Thanks to the optimization; vibrations are minimal and it will never wobble.

Less fuel consumption & Less filing required!

It is thanks to the great rake-angle Strandklingan can cut so easily; Not only lowering fuel consumption but also filing is only necessary half as often as with a regular sawblade. Furthermore a lot of users said to have been able to go down in Brushcutter size to lower the fuel consumption even further.

Faster acceleration with crack resistance

Strandklingan is heated to 450 degrees celsius to minimize the chance cracks have to form. With a thinner blade of 1.54 mm chrome steel faster acceleration is then guaranteed.

Price list

Vat is excluded from listed pricing.

Art. nr Diameter Width Bore Teeth Price [SEK]
ROJS20020 200 1,54 20 22 235:-
ROJS20025,4 200 1,54 25,4 22 235:-
ROJS22520 225 1,54 20 22 240:-
ROJS22525,4 225 1,54 25,4 22 240:-