Tools manufactured by Strand Verktyg

It’s important to take care of your sawblades and with Strand’s tools it’s easy to keep your sawblades in shape. It’s even possible to make a blade that hit stone, as good as new!

Strandklingan Gauge

A 5,5 mm file guage that follows the radius of Strandklingan’s relief angle, producing the correct rake-angles.

Strand File & Set fixture

A fixture where your brushcutter sawblade is suspend for you to easily attend to any upkeep such as filing and reapplying set.

No bothering with different sized rings, just stick it in a vice and you are good to go, with the automatically changing center that fits both 20 and 25,4 mm right away.

Strand Set and backfile

The file has the same radius as Strandklingan’s relief-angle, with electroplated diamonds on both the length of the file and in the two Set slits for 1,6 and 1,8 mm. Perfect for fixing a stone cutting mistake and you will never slip while adjusting set.